Sunday, March 30, 2014

19 Weeks and Counting!

Shirt:Nordstrom Rack//Pants:Target(Converse)//Shoes:Kohl's(Vera Wang)//Necklace:Nordstrom Rack

Ever have those days where all you want is a huge tub of ice cream? Yea...just happened! Better to indulge in a half gallon of Blue Bell ice cream to satisfy that craving! The funny thing is, this is the first craving I've had since I began my pregnancy. I've never had the urge for sweet things ever in my LIFE! So why not curl up on the couch with a few baby books and a tub of your favorite ice cream! Yessah!

I've only gone through a few of these books but even though they provide me with a lot of information, I feel like it still won't prepare me for what is to come...(thanks for my gf Lani for lending me some of these). Well, it's better to prepare now than to not prepare at all...we'll see how it goes when the baby decides to make its way! :) I can't believe I'm only a week away from being only halfway there! Eeek!

So this week, the belly decided to make its way. It literally grew overnight! Finding clothes to wear made it frustrating, especially since the clothes that I COULD fit were clothes I didn't want to wear! Picky, I know. Somehow the belly shrunk just a bit today...I think the baby is just trying to find the most comfortable position for itself and making it waaay uncomfortable for mommy! :) Doc said I'll definitely be growing from here on out...not gonna lie, I'm a little excited! Belly hasn't been the only thing thats girlies are making its way too! Bra's are uncomfortable in general...every girl know's that as soon as you get home, you just want to take them off and throw a t shirt on! Victoria Secret had an awesome deal yesterday online and I got a couple new ones that will support them a bit better for the next few months! I'll probably watch for the UPS man like a hawk! lol.. A little TMI, I know...but it comes with pregnancy and the changing body! 

Trimester: 2nd
How many weeks: 19 WEEKS
Today's date: March 30, 2014
How big is baby: Baby is the size of a large Mango
Total weight gain: 7 pounds
Cravings: Ice cream
Awesomeness this week: 
-Felt the baby move!
-Historical General Womens Meeting
NOT so awesome: 
-The awkward stares in the gym...fat? or pregnant?
-Hormones...don't cross the line. However, I think the hubbs had it easy...
-Not enough sleep, not a happy wife...Sleep is needed more than ever!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

PEANUT in my tummy?!

 We first found out that we were pregnant when we were vacationing in Newport Beach, CA over Christmas break with the Platt family. Obvi I found out before Daniel because I didn't tell him I was taking a pregnancy test (sneaky sneaky)! Actually, we decided that I would take one as soon as we got home from vacation because I was already a couple weeks late (and I'm never late!). We had planned to go to Disneyland while we were there and Disney is my absolutely most favorite place! Then I thought...well, what if I really AM pregnant and I go on those jerky rides?! No bueno.  So then I said, "Self, go purchase a pregnancy test..." and purchase a pregnancy test I did. 

It was Dec. 24th and we have been doing a million things since we arrived and I have yet to go to the drug store to get one. I snuck away while people went to See's Candies to hurry and grab one at Thrifty's. I tried to be sneaky about it so I think I bought myself a snack to go with it to for a cover up...haha! Anyway, while everyone napped that late afternoon, I went in the bathroom to take the test...Pee'n on a stick wasn't as easy as I thought and obvi I wanted to do it the correct way. The instructions said I had to wait 3 minutes for the full results. So I put a timer on my phone as I waited patiently. Patiently?! YEA RIGHT! It was the longest 3 minutes of my life!! The solid pink double lines appeared before my eyes a little less than 2 minutes...So I waited another minute to be sure. My heart was pounding so fast as if I'd just sprinted up the street and back! The results were POSITIVE!!

At this point, I'm wondering if it might be a fluke in the test. But I purchased the best one over the came with the second test to confirm the pregnancy. The instructions indicated that it's best to take the test in the morning. So I decided to wait and take the second one first thing in the morning. For the rest of the day I could not contain myself! I didn't even have the nerve to tell Daniel until I was able to take the second test. The whole day was nerve wrecking! Luckily the boys were at Legoland so all I had to do was to lay low and zip it until the next morning.

SO the next day came! December 25th, Christmas Day. I'm the first one to wake and I rush to the bathroom...I pee on the second stick and within the next minute and a half, the results..."YES"! I hurried up to finish, cap the test, and wrapped it up in some left over wrapping tissue paper. I shook Daniel awake and told him he had to wake up immediately! (I promise I did not do this intentionally by taking it before Christmas). So I flip the light on and demanded that he open his first Christmas gift! He was like, hmmm ok...when he opened it, his expression was priceless! He had to ask me "really" when the answer was right in front of him! LOL. We were so happy and hugged for a few minutes. I think I cried a little...

I was only 6 wks along at that time and we decided to wait to tell our family until we were further along in the pregnancy. The rest of the vacation was hard because all I wanted to do was blurt out our news!! But we decided a long time ago, that we would wait. So we waited...It was probably the best vacation ever and all I could think of was that I was growing a little peanut in my tummy and how amazing God's gifts are!

OH YES! And might I add, I felt the baby move today!! (17 weeks, 6 days)

LDS Temple, Newport Beach, CA

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Trade Days-Third Mondays!

This has been a crazy tough week! And all I pretty much wanted to do was to sleep in Saturday morning! BUT that didn't happen because this weekend fell on the third monday of the month! So every third Monday weekend, Mckinney has their annual trade days where people sell old antique things, furniture, homemade items, junk (I call it treasure), puppies and a whole variety of things! It's almost like a farmers/flea market kinda thing and you can bargain like a maniac! Good thing I'm asian and bargaining runs in my blood! haha!..Anyways, I go for the mini donuts! I could almost definitely eat a whole bag all by myself!! It may not seem a lot in the picture, but heres about 30 pieces of mini donuts in there (I ate about half before documenting my oh so yummy donuts)! We went with a bunch of our good friends which made it even more enjoyable! Sometimes I don't like to buy anything and just go for the carnival food (fat girl status)! Trade days ended for us today when it started to sprinkle...we left just in time because it started to pour and Plano ended up having a severe storm warning...don't worry, we're safe! Texas and it's weather I tell ya...unpredictable! 

Oh yea, and lets not forget the two cutest toddlers that wanted to hang out with us today! Landon and Elle are just such good munchkins! They were absolutely loving the puppies today!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

GOT MILK? And by milk, I mean chocolate milk!

Where did all this energy come from?! Who knew that it "only" took 16 weeks to feel normal again! Texas has been beautiful the last few days, crossing my fingers  that it'll stay this way for awhile...its 9pm and its 71 degrees out!! Most of you Texans know that this last Winter was brutal...and if this is the end of the brutal Winter, I'll be one happy mama! HECK, we'll all be! Yesterday after the gym and some din din, the hubbs and I went for a nice short nature walk at the Frisco Bridges. Taking advantage of what great weather Texas has to offer before the heat wave hits!

Story behind the Nesquik: After our walk in Frisco, we came home to call it a night. After I got out of the shower, Daniel let go a really big sigh. I asked him, "What's wrong?" His reply, "oh nothing..." I insisted on him telling me and he continue to say it was nothing. I asked, "You want chocolate milk don't you?" (we talked about this the night before). Daniel: *sigh* yeaa... I said, Ok, how about we both go and I can stay in the car while you go in and get it. He was so happy that we left shortly after. When we got to the store and Daniel had already purchased the nesquik, he told he about his conversation with the cashier...
(nesquik the only thing in hand)
Cashier: Craving some chocolate milk?
Daniel: I have a pregnant wife that is really craving it...
Cashier: *laughs*
...when it was Daniel all along who was craving it...
I guess what they say is true...sometimes the husbands are the ones going through the pregnancy symptoms! Mine just chose food as his symptom! LOL

Ok so with this new found pregnancy energy, I was able to get back into the gym! Can I get a WOOT WOOT! Went yesterday and today! And I feel absolutely amazing! I'd have to say that I miss lifting weights and I hope all this energy is here to stay! The doctors said that I can continue to exercise the way I use to, just to do it in moderation and to listen to my body. Because I'm just getting back into it, and being PREGNANT doing so, I've gone down on the weights a bit and don't do as many exercises. I also noticed that the definition in my arms/shoulders is pretty much disappearing! Which I'm fine with because what do you expect from a woman that continues to gain weight everyday?! Now that I have a somewhat tummy, I felt sort of out of place when I went back yesterday... But I told myself that i couldn't give myself excuses and that I was being healthy for the baby! My gym buddies were happy to see me back and were excited about my least now when people look at me, I won't be the  extra chubby girl breathing and panting as if she doesn't know what she's doing! haha! I'd actually be the pregnant girl rockin it! Hey, we gotta start somewhere! I used to be of those girls that had no clue what they were doing when they first stepped into the gym. And being comfortable and feeling confident didn't come overnight! Anyway, I'm excited to go's always been a place for me to work on my health and to help prevent me from getting sick all the time. Seriously guys, once you get yourself in the gym and get into the routine, it makes it easier to go and it becomes a habit. Give it a try! It really does change everything! Take if from a girl whose been dealing with her health her whole life! If I can do it, ANYBODY can do it!

Here are the workouts I did the last couple days...incase you were wondering. I'll try to post my workouts as often as I can so you can follow.

Tips: If pregnant, Please AVOID laying flat on your back!! Laying flat on your back cuts off blood circulation to the baby.  I'm not a doctor NOR a fitness professional, and I'm just going by what my doctor ok'd me. She told me being at an incline is ok, every women is different! Remember to ALWAYS ask your health professional first! Especially if you weren't already working out before. Even if you did, ask anyway!


Remember to fuel your body with protein after each workout! Your body needs it! Pregnant women: Protein shakes are ok as long as it's not your only source of protein! (per my doctor, remember to ask yours!).


Bent over barbell row
3 sets of 12 reps
Seated cable rows
3 sets of 12 reps
Wide grip lat pull down
3 sets of 12 reps
One arm dumbell row
3 sets of 12 reps
Back extensions
3 sets of 15


3 sets of 12 reps
Cable crossover
3 sets of 12 reps
Smith machine incline bench press
3 sets of 10 reps
Flies machine
3 sets of 12 reps

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Baby Avocado!

 There it goes! Baby Platt at 16 weeks!

Shirt:Target//Skirt:Nordstrom//Necklace:H&M//Make-up:MAC products//Lipstick:MAC-Ruby Woo

Trying to understand what the mister is trying to tell me...pose? don't pose? smile? don't smile? WHAT?! ;)

Trimester: 2nd
How many weeks: 16 WEEKS
Today's date: March 9, 2014
How big is baby: Baby is the size of an avocado
Total weight gain: 3 pounds
Cravings: Spicy and sour foods
Awesomeness this week: 
-Ihop-free pancakes day! 
-Sprinkles cupcakes surprise from the hubbs!
-Homemade eggrolls

Some of you wanted to see the bump and has been asking for the last couple weeks...and for the last couple weeks, there was nothing to show. HECK, a few days ago there was nothing to show! THEN all of a sudden, SHABAM!! The baby bump finally made its appearance just a couple days ago. Today was absolutely brilliant! Texas have been debating on whether it wanted to stick to Winter or move onto Spring...and finally today, it was beautiful and sunny! Which probably explains all this energy I'm having now! A beautiful day like this is meant to be enjoyed outside! Also, special thanks to my amazing husband/photographer for these awesome photos!

My husband has been so patient with me during this pregnancy. Keyword: PATIENT.  He has helped in all ways possible around the house. Just the other day, I finally built up some energy to do laundry...As I finished putting all my shirts/dresses/jackets/sweaters on hangers, the migraine came and that was it...stopped everything and went to bed. Missed work the next day because I was so nauseous and dizzy. I didn't regain much strength for the next couple days so I left the pile of clothes where I left it the night before. Just yesterday morning, I had to work on a birthday cake for a friend. Husband was a bit quiet and was quiet for awhile...I went to check on him and he was taking all my clothes off the hangers to fold them.............I asked, "What are you doing?" He replied, "Folding your clothes so its easier for you to put in your luggage..." (I missed out on telling you that while I was doing laundry, I was also pulling clothes out of the closet to put away during my pregnancy). I told him that those clothes on the hanger belong in the closet and the clothes that goes in the luggage are already in there...He was so upset! I felt so bad, I just told him to leave it there and thanked him for being so thoughtful. I told him how much I appreciated him. And that was that...Sometimes I wonder how I was ever so lucky to score someone like him! I'd have to say, I'm pretty lucky!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Feelin a little hipster!

Last night my husband was craving all sorts of things..krispy kremes....dunkin name it! WELL, since I'm the one thats pregnant and not him I made sure I had it MY way! (which usually never happens because I always cave in to him) I wanted shaved ice! And what better place in Texas to get shaved ice other than Bahama Bucks! On our way out, I grabbed a beanie because 1) I didn't have any make up on...2) My hair was a hot mess...and 3) It was 10 pm! So I had my reasons...Daniel said he was feelin hipster and searched for his snowboarding beanie. He tried to explain to me how hipsters wear their beanies and I just rolled my eyes! haha..for those of you that knows my husband, he thinks hipsters are awkward/weird he's not.... :) His decision to make it a Saturday hipster night made it pretty awesome! We laughed all night that I almost snorted several times and almost pee'd my  pants! LOL. It almost felt like we haven't laughed like that in a while...My adventures with this man is sometimes always random, but definitely always fun! ALSO, baby Platt was very happy to finally get a taste of that tigers blood shaved ice! Late night cravings not only satisfied daddy and mommy, but also the little one growing inside my tummy :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cravings...? What cravings??

Who's whose?

Most of you may think that pregnant women crave the weirdest and unhealthiest things...did you ever consider their husbands being a part of those unhealthy cravings? For the record, I have been a very good and healthy pregnant's my other half that gets me in trouble! You see those bowls of fruits up there? YUP, those are mine! Fruits and veggies are what I mostly snack on during the day meals. Most of you know that I was a devoted health freak...weight lifting, cardio, clean eating, and more weight lifting. Not much has changed, except that I'm pregnant now and is always soooo tired! Before I had this little seed growing inside of me, it was the "no excuses" lifestyle. Now, I try to find any excuse to not go to the gym and sleep! However, that almost doesn't ever happen...Hubbs helps motivate me to stay fit while pregnant so the little nugget can be healthy and smart. Of course we know who the bags of popcorn belongs to. I have to admit, I had to get the jalapeno and cheddar one after Daniel made an order to 6 cups of CHOCOLATE SEA SALT popcorn! You see what the other half does to you? In a way, I don't  ALWAYS regret that he triggers my sweet tooth...And the foodie adventures still continues with us! Stay posted!