Monday, April 21, 2014

It's a...


It may seem like blowing a bubble gum is pretty easy...well it is...until you're doing it under pressure and it finally takes you 30 minutes before you want to give up! haha! Not only did it take forever, but sitting in that position for the longest time was the most uncomfortable thing EVERRR! I think it's time for me to invest in some maternity jeans! Whoever said maternity clothes are uncomfortable, is lying! I love the elasticity of it all! This little "photo shoot" was suppose to be real quick and easy...I am SO happy that my husband is so very patient with me! 

Goodness gracious, I can't believe we're having a boy!! It seems so surreal! Daniel and I couldn't be any happier whether it was going to be a little girl or a little boy. But as we all know, Daniel really wanted his little man! :) And a little man is what he gets! I for one, always knew it was going to be a boy. I guess I was just ready to coach my little man in T-ball... :)

Trimester: 2nd
How many weeks: 22 WEEKS, 1 DAY (5 1/2 months)
Today's date: April 21, 2014
How big is baby: Baby is 12 oz big...that's almost one pound!
Total weight gain: 12 pounds.......!
Cravings: Asian foods...I miss my parents home cooked meals :(
Awesomeness this week: 
-Seeing our growing baby during the ultra sound
-The excitement of finding out what we were going to have
-Being able to share that excitement with our families
-Finding out it was going to be a BOY!
-Hung out with friends that we haven't seen in over a year
-Watching my ever so growing tummy
NOT so awesome: 

Gender Reveal Party

We had our anatomy appointment on Thursday, April 17th. We decided ahead of time that we were going to do a gender reveal party with our family. But how were we gonna do that when most of our families were out of state? THANK YOU, TECHNOLOGY! We were able to get almost all of our immediate family on Facetime/Skype. And those who lived here in the Dallas area, were able to join us for our fun reveal!
We actually didn't find out the baby's gender when we were at the doctors. We waited a whole extra day so we could wait for our family! They should feel special...haha! It was nerve wrecking and I was so anxious!! The end of Friday's work day seemed like Forever! 
The most amazing thing was seeing baby inside my belly. The last time we saw it, it was a little peanut...and then we saw all of it's anatomy parts (well almost all). The tech told us to look away as she focused on the baby's private was SO hard to look away! But it was in a matter of seconds and she said, ok done! She came back with the baby's gender in an enclosed envelope...I was so ready to rip that thing apart! haha! Baby had a lot of daddy's personality when he was a little one. Baby slept with one arm covering its face with its thumbs up...I think we may have a thumb sucker amongst us! I hope not...Everything that we saw during that appointment made it all seem so real! SO the real question is, are we having a BOY or a GIRL?!
AHHH!!We are going to be PARENTS!

The Fergie Fam

OH YEA! We also had some family out of town/state make some guesses to the baby's gender just before the big reveal! :)


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What's it going to be? BOY or GIRL?!

Tomorrow is the day! Tomorrow, we have the anatomy appointment to find out whether our little nugget is a boy or girl! FINALLY! I.HAVE.BEEN.WAITING.FOREVERRR! One thing I'm hoping for is 1) The obvious, that baby is healthy and 2) That baby cooperates when the time comes to find out the gender...Do YOU have any guesses to what baby will be, or what features they'll have? If you asK me, I have no idea! I have stared and compared baby pictures of me and Daniel when we were kiddos and still no clue! 
Brown hair? Red hair? brown eyes? hazel eyes? fair skin? tanned? who knows!?
I guess we'll have to wait another 18 weeks to find out :)
Every day that passes makes me so anxious!!
So cast your votes now...BOY? or GIRL? 
Here's a little something for you to help you decide...
Answer these questions and I will give you the final results! Let's see if this "Old Wives Tale" is a yay or a nay in determining baby's gender...HAVE FUN!


1) Is baby heartbeat below or above 140?
2) Do you crave sweet or salty?
3) Do you sleep on your right or left?
4) Do you have morning sickness yes or no?
5)Are you moody or happy?
6) Is your skin soft or dry?
7) Do you carry high or low?
8) Daddy gaining or maintaining?
9) Do you have more headaches yes or no?

This last week, babe and I went and had a fancy dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse here in Dallas! Seriously, SO.YUMMY! Better than Rodizio's and better than Tucanos!...I guess it's also because its a bit fancier too.

I made this quilt during General Conference attempt was to get neutral colored fabrics because we still didn't know the baby's gender...I figured I had to start sewing anyway...this is pretty neutral, right? Either way, I loved the fabric too much to turn it down!

The finished product, TA-DA!

I also made some neutral colored burp cloths with some of my girlfriends during one of our craft nights...As soon as I know baby's gender, momma is gonna go "sew-crazy"! get it? SEW-crazy? ;)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Half way there! AND we've got a kicker!

Blue Dress:H&M//Necklace and earrings:Kendra Scott

Black knit dress: H&M
(Enjoying the nice weather on our balcony!)

ANNNNND we've got a kicker ya'll! First time I felt the baby kick was Saturday night somewhere between 11pm-12am...for some reason, the baby likes to move around when I'm relaxing! The first time the baby kicked, I laid in the same spot for a while and  yelled for Daniel to come feel it...although the kick was very light and settle, I was super excited! SO, I yelled and yelled for Daniel to come to the living room and I get no answer...Finally I gave up and went to look for him. 
...Homeboy was fast asleep...
haha! I was a little bummed out but there was always next time! AND then today, it happened again! This time, it was a bigger kick! I told Daniel to put his hand on my belly right away and wait for the kick...and there it was, an even bigger kick for daddy! We were so excited!! As a matter of fact, baby is kicking and moving like crazy right now! It feels amazing! I am loving maternity!

We did it, we did it, yeaaa we did it! We are 20 weeks and 1 day along! Can't believe we are halfway there! It's gone by so fast...and I'm loving every bit of it.
So funny story...I have been experiencing some pregnancy "symptoms" as of lately. Yesterday, after we finished watching General Conference...I sneezed. You can only imagine what happened after that. YUP! I pee'd a little... LOL! I was caught totally off guard. After I sneezed, I said, "Uh, I think I pee'd a little bit"...Daniel was grossed out but we couldn't stop laughing after that! 

OH gender yet...any guesses?

Trimester: 2nd
How many weeks: 20 WEEKS, 1 DAY
Today's date: April 7, 2014
How big is baby: Baby is about the size of a banana
Total weight gain: 8 pounds...eeek!
Cravings: Fudge pops
Awesomeness this week: 
-Obviously, baby Platt kicking!
-Daddy surprised mommy with a snoogle body pillow...this week, sleep was amazing! 
-Annual General Conference
NOT so awesome: 
-Speeze (sneeze-pee)...LOL