Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shark bait baby shower!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that was able to come to my baby shower yesterday evening! I am extremely blessed and grateful for such a great group of friends and family! Baby Platt is already embraced with love from everyone around him and I couldn't be any happier! I wish I was able to capture ALL the beautiful decorations, but unfortunately we were just having too much fun and enjoying ourselves. This shower would have not been successful if it weren't for my best friend Lani and my mother in law...and of course to everyone else that helped! I don't want to say too much because I know you were all dying to see pictures!! Here ya go! Don't mind the picture overload!

Sharkie/Surfboard Baby shower

My sister in law, Laura made this sign! I absolutely love it and it's going to go in the baby nursery!

My amazing handyman husband made this 6 foot tall surfboard!! I am SO impressed and words can't even describe how much I love it!

Lani made this oh so adorable diaper cake! Baby Platt is definitely ready to hit the beach!...on a surfboard of course...with no sharks! :)

Lani had a friend of hers make this was SO perfect! I loved it!!

Crabby patties, anyone? 

My 11 year old niece Janelle made this life saver tube! I love her creativity! 

The two women that made it all possible!

Thanks for all the gifts, everyone! Baby boy is gonna be stylin! 

Hang loose! Can ya'll see an 8 month pregnant woman on a surfboard? Neither can I...haha

Oh and last but not least, my 8 year old nephew Spencer made this sign that went directly under the drink dispencers...! :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

34 Weeks and someone is measuring a week early!

34 Weeks

//Dress:Ann Taylor//Belt:H&M// by Marc Jacobs//

Seriously, Charlie's Angels? WHY on EARTH do I listen to my husband when I ask him to pose me! haha! WOW! One word: Tacky!

In the last few days, I feel like I am growing bigger and bigger and Texas is getting hotter and hotter! People tell me that I am still small for being 34 weeks along but thats not how I feel at all...OH, and guess what?! The stretch marks are in! When others asked me if I was getting any when I was 31/32 weeks along and I said no, and they told me that if I hadn't got any by then that I'm in the clearing...NOPE, LIES! At the beginning of 33 weeks I started to notice some marks, and I thought they were marks from my pants...and THEN just before 34 weeks, BAM! There they were! So ladies, some of us luck out and some of us don't...Most of us worry about it before we become pregnant...but in all honesty, when you become pregnant and know you are carrying your child stretch marks don't matter. I even thought I would luck out on it because I lifted weights before and during pregnancy...I guess it's true what they say, every women are different!

I got some matching dresses for my two little nieces, Evelyn and Ally. They're visiting from Utah for a couple weeks so I couldn't help but get these dresses for them. When I gave it to them, Evelyn (3) said "I just LOOOOVE my dress!"...and then Ally (4 1/2) said "I've always wanted a cherry dress!"! They are just the cutest! Im glad that they're here! Ally and Evelyn especially love their new unborn baby cousin, always wanting to sit near him and rub my belly!

So we got to celebrate Daniel's and his sister Laura's birthday this last Saturday! They were born exactly 5 years and 10 mins apart. Talk about timing, right? haha...well anyway, we had a great time and the Mammens just got in that afternoon. SO excited to have them here for the next couple weeks!!

Trimester: 3rd
How many weeks: 34 WEEKS, 1 DAY 
Today's date: July 14, 2014
How big is baby: About the size of a cantaloupe melon
Total weight gain: 22 pounds
Cravings: ICE!
Awesomeness this week: 
-We are finally back in Prosper and moved back in with his parents! SO glad that we can live with them for awhile and they can help us transition into a life with a newborn baby thats coming soon!
-The Mammens are here! Daniel's oldest sister is visiting from Utah for 2 weeks and we're so excited to have them!
NOT so awesome: 
-The temperature is rising and I'm getting bigger...

33 Weeks growing!

The little man is growing FAST! Last week on July 9th at 33 weeks and 3 days, we had another doctors appointment. This by far was my most favorite sonogram! It was so cool to see how active he was right in front of our eyes! In the second sono picture of his profile, we were able to see him open his mouth 3 times!! And one out of those three times, he stuck his tongue at us as if he was teasing us! haha! I guess its pretty cool to know that he already inherit his sense of humor from his parents! Also if you look closely in the third sono picture, its of his hand holding his feet. Right before the technician took this pic, we were able to see the motion of him grabbing his feet and then moved his fingers as he got a hold of it! Seriously, SO.MUCH.FUN! 

Wanna know something else?! Within one month, he gained 3 pounds ALONE! As of this doctors appointment, he weighs approximately 5 lbs 12 oz!! I still have 6 weeks to go and he's just gonna keep growing! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

32 WEEKS! The beginning of 8 months of pregnancy!

32 Weeks

//Shirt:Old Navy maternity//Pants:H&M maternity//Ankle Boots: Target//Necklace: H&M//

Photo credits: Daniel Platt (aka my hot husband!)

WELP! I just started my 32 weeks of pregnancy, which means only 8 more weeks before baby boy comes! I know you were all wondering why I haven't blogged in the last month, and to tell you the truth I've just been lazy. You're allowed to be lazy when you're pregnant, right? haha...well, I'm using every excuse I can while I'm pregnant because I can get away with it. No, but seriously ever since I started my third trimester, I've just been so tired and achey all over! And plus, we are moving to Prosper at the end of week. Why do people move when ones pregnant? It's just so silly! The question is, who wants to pack for me? Any takers? :)

 Anyway, isn't it pretty obvi that I'm growing fast! But I've only gained 4 extra pounds in the last 6 weeks! Theres one thing I know for sure, its going to baby boy! Or at least thats what I like to tell myself! :)

So funny thing...I don't know why I never asked my mom about her labor and delivery with me. I guess the thought of it before just scared me or freaked me out. Now that I'm having my own, I guess I sort of wonder what it was like when she was about to have me. She told me that I was actually a week early than my due date. The day she went in to the doctor was initially her OB appointment. She said that day when she went in she was already dilating, her water has not broken yet and she was not experiencing any contractions. Her doctor told her that she was going to have me that evening. Mom said no, she's suppose to come next week. And he said yes, but she's ready to come. Mind you that this appointment date was May 30th, memorial weekend. My mom told my doctor that she will return in the evening to have me. He said that she had to stay at the hospital until she was ready to have me. She said no, I'm leaving because I have to go shopping...tell me why this woman is trying to go shopping on Memorial weekend to get deals when she was about ready to POP!...And you wonder where I get it from...haha! You wanna know what ended up happening? The doctor won the argument and she was stuck walking the wings in the hospital! LOL! She said she wasn't very happy with him because all she wanted to do was go shopping in preparation to my arrival. 

Trimester: 3rd
How many weeks: 32 WEEKS, 2 DAYS 
Today's date: July 1, 2014
How big is baby: About the size of a squash
Total weight gain: 17 pounds
Cravings: ICE, ICE BABY! I've been sucking on ice lately...
Awesomeness this week: 
-We are finally moving out of our one bedroom apartment and moving back to Prosper!
NOT so awesome: 
-Having to pack and move. I've never liked it much. I don't think anyone does!

30 Weeks

In my 30 week of pregnancy, I celebrated my best friends 25th birthday. The girls and I took her out for a GNO at Benihana's and then for some gelato after! It was nice to get all dolled up even though I felt plumpy. LOL

 Also, my sister came to visit! Did I mention that she too is pregnant?! (Please don't mind our grossness) I am only 7 weeks further along than she is and we're both having boys!! I'm obvi on my first, and she is on her 4th child. We are so excited!! I was telling her that when they grow up, they would potentially go into the MTC together to serve their 2 year missions as missionaries for our church...but no need to think about that's "only" 18 years from now! Eeek! 

I'm a bit sad that she lives in the Houston area and not in the Dallas area BUT, I LOOOOVE that it's still someone close by!

29 weeks

At our 29th week OB appointment, we got to see baby boy again...I should probably mention that I have a sonogram at every doctors appointment. I guess there are some benefits of being a high risk pregnant...but not really!  If you look at the first picture, it's baby boys profile. The second, well if you look carefully you can see his face! He wasn't cooperating much because all he wanted to do was sleep and face my back! I had to sit up for the technician to get that pic! Hopefully at my next appt he will make it easy for us! 

Baby boy weighed approx. 2 pounds 13 oz, at 29 weeks.

Later that week after having seen our little man again, Daniel decided to put the stroller/jogger together! It was so cute watching him put it together...the instructions didn't help much so we just stared at each other a couple times trying to figure it out. It's a pretty neat one and it will definitely help me stay fit and have the little man with me.