Monday, May 19, 2014

26 weeks and missing home!

 Shirt: DE//Sheer Kimono: Nordstrom Rack//Jeans: MM//Shoes: Steve Madden//Belt: Forever21//Watch: Fossil//Earrings:Handmade

This belly picture is my absolute favorite from tonight!

He said for me to do it again...Drop it like its HOOOT!

Our attempt to get some frozen custard in Frisco...When we got there, we realized we both didn't have our wallets and had to drive back home! LAME-O! We ended up going to Twisted Root at the Shops at Legacy instead.

 WHERE do I begin? I cannot believe I am 26 weeks pregnant! The time has gone by so fast! In just one week, I'll be starting my 3rd trimester of my pregnancy! So far so good...I'm glad I'm enjoying this whole pregnancy thing. I told Daniel I might just be ready for baby number 2 ;) Haha!...I'm not sure how he feels about that yet! The hardest part about this pregnancy is not being able to be around my family...I have days where I am crazy intently looking for flights to go back to California, and then I just talk myself out of it. It's a battle I have with myself. After talking to my parents about possibly coming home to visit on several occasions, they told me it was probably better to visit once the baby arrives. True. Everyone wants to hold a precious baby anyway instead of hanging out with a pregnant woman...Trust me, sometimes pregnant woman are scary. I will admit that! Tonight, Daniel told me to take it easy as I was going up the stairs after we had dinner at Twisted Root. Apparently after my first step up the stairs I was taking it "too easy"...he said, "Ok, not that easy now...hurry up preggoe!" LOL...sometimes you gotta find the humor in things. I ran out of breath when I got to the top of the stairs. haha! 

I seriously have the best husband ever. I love him so much! Seriously.

I know most of you are wondering what names we've picked out for our little man...sorry to break it to ya, but yes...we are one of those couples...we are not telling anyone! Why the secrecy? Just cause! We're pretty much set on a name but between now and until he arrives, it all can change! So I guess ya'll are gonna have to wait and see!

Once again, credit to my husband for taking these pictures!

Trimester: 2nd
How many weeks: 26 WEEKS, 1 DAY 
Today's date: May 19, 2014
How big is baby: Last Wednesday at my obgyn appt, baby weighed approx. 1 lb, 11 oz!
Total weight gain: 13 pounds
Cravings: Pineapple and watermelon...Costco has THE best and most sweetest ones!
Awesomeness this week: 
-Finding out that he has a healthy heart!!***
-Baby's constant kicking and nudging. I just love it!
-Picking out names from our family genealogy 
-BABY REGISTRY!! That was fun! and long!
NOT so awesome: 
-The truck got a flat tire one that put a damper to our day! AND bank account!
-I can barely reach my toes! I REALLY need a pedicure!
-Shaving my legs has never been fun...I dislike it even more now that I'm pregnant and have a belly in the way.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A very HEART-ful day!

LOVE those flip-flops!

Today was a very big day for us! Most of you know that I was born with a heart condition that requires extra care my entire life! My heart condition is called Tetralogy of Fallot. To this day, this congenital heart condition is often rare...The chances of me running into someone with Tetralogy of Fallot is slim...but that changed when I was in college and met a girl with the same condition. Anyway, my health history in itself can have its own book!

When I was born, my parents were unaware of any health problems prior to my birth. Then again, technology was still advancing in the late 80's. The doctors told my parents that my chance of survival was very slim and that my chances of living would mean emergency open heart surgery...I can't even imagine how my parents felt at that very moment. With much prayer and a priesthood blessing, my parents decided that this was the only way...WELL, HERE I AM! Twenty-seven years old, 3 open heart surgeries, and a melody valve replacement later, I'm healthy and pregnant!

 So where am I going with all this? Today's technology can detect if the fetus has any signs of heart diseases. They do this testing called the fetal echocardiogram when the pregnant woman is between 24-28 weeks pregnant, usually when the woman is at a high risk pregnancy like myself. For the longest time ever, even before I was married I was afraid of what my child can inherit from me. I'm just glad that my heart condition is not hereditary! I went in today to get this testing done and a LONG hour and a half later, I finally got to sit down with the doctor about the consultation of the echo. Her exact words: 

"His heart is beautiful..."

I was so happy to hear those words...his heart is beautiful! I listened as she explained to me how the baby's heart works in the womb. The consultation was short and sweet. When I got back to the car, I said a prayer and thanked my Heavenly Father for watching over our little family. I couldn't help but start crying tears of joy. I am ever so grateful for my amazing parents who did everything in their power to keep me alive and healthy!

SO when I got home from my doctors appointments today, Daniel took me to the mall to build a bear so we can put a heart in him and cherish this day of awesome news! I have the best husband!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cilantro-Lime Grilled Chicken Recipe

Okay, I know most of you have been asking me to post food recipes...and most of the time, I remember to do it step by step with photos AFTER I've already started preparing it. This may not be what ya'll expect, but this is an easy go to dish packed with flavor! And all it requires is a little preparation and 30 mins of marinade! How awesome is THAT!? I think so, especially after you take the first bite and realize how much flavor the marinade has already made its way to stick to the chicken. So, I won't take all the credit for this recipe! My sister in law, Laura made it for us one night for dinner and I've been hooked since! If you have these ingredients in your pantry/fridge, you've got to give it a try! Also, you don't feel horrible for eating it! Daniel and I had it over rice for dinner tonight...we've also had it as a sandwich and it was delish, too! Tell me what ya think!

Cilantro-Lime Grilled Chicken:

4 boneless skinless chicken breast
2 garlic cloves, coarsely chopped
1/4-1/2 cup chopped cilantro
2 tbsp fish sauce
1 tbsp toasted sesame oil
Juice of one lime

Pour the marinade over chicken to coat the meat. Let it sit in the fridge covered in plastic wrap for 30 minutes. Prepare the grill or broiler and cook until internal temperature reaches 165F on the meat thermometer. Let chicken sit for about 5 minutes before serving. 

Baby bump, Baptisms, Callings, and Mothers Day OH MY!


Ok, it's official..the bump is finally on the verge of popping! Even though it seems as if its getting bigger, its pretty compact...must be the angle that I'm taking the picture...or so I like to tell myself :) Well, not only have I been oober busy, we had some pretty eventful things happen in the last few weeks! My sister came to visit from Houston with her three kids and her husband. They stayed with us for almost a week and we LOOOVED every minute of it! Our sweet niece Eliza turned eight not too long ago and we spent that time with family and got to attend her baptism. Daniel's dad was given a new calling as the new Stake President of the Shawnee Frisco Trail Stake and we were able to attend their Stake Conference and be there with them as he was set apart in his new calling. Lets not mention, in between all the crazy yet fun things that happened, Daniel managed to sneak away from it all and take a break and go to Braums to get his double double ice cream scoop! YUMMMM-ME! And then last and not least, we celebrated Mother's Day! My sweet dear husband made dinner for the family (with some assistance) and it was absolutely delish! How did I get so lucky, right? 

Sorry to burst your bubble, but no photo shoot pictures for week 23 and 24...I promise I will take some this week for week 25. Things just feel so much crazier and life a little busier when you're pregnant...Can't imagine what its going to be like when the little man comes!! 

Sweet Emma and her new Hello Kitty sunglasses! :) 

Jake and Taylor spending time with Butters!

Claire enjoying that Platt oatmeal chocolate chip cookie! :)

Sweet Eliza on her Baptism day!

Just like a little kid!

My father in law (2nd to the left) and the new Stake leaders

You know you're pregnant when you're belly catches your food! LOL

My Mother's Day breakfast from babe : Lemon Blueberry pancakes with coconut syrup!

Mother's Day dinner: Surf and Turf (I could't fit everything on my plate)