Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend in Monterey Bay

Daniel and I had a blast in Monterey Bay!! My sister and her family invited us to come with and we ended up staying for the whole weekend! It was so relaxing and was exactly what we needed. We had an awesome time doing fun outdoor things such as biking Cannery Row and kayaking in the bay with sea otters..not to mention, daniel went swimming with them! :D We had Ghiradelli 2 days in a row for dessert..not to mention, daniel has had it 3 times since we've been to California...I think someone is getting spoiled *ahem*...hehe. We also enjoyed our time playing in the sand on the beach and building sand castles with jacob...actually, we built them and he knocked it over! lol. We ended the perfect trip by daniel tumbling in the water and couldn't get himself he tried to play it off by laying in the water. hahahaha! thanks pa, jeremy, and jacob!