Thursday, June 12, 2014

Late post! 28 weeks, and 28 years old!

28 Weeks! 

For my 28th birthday, my girls kidnapped me...ONCE AGAIN! That facial expression as I open the door is a mix of happiness/shock/and how gross I felt! haha! They all looked so funky/cute with their little outfits! The best part of the evening, the METALLIC pants!! They made me dress up and I insisted on putting on some make up before we left...they gave me 5 minutes! It was obvious that I would be the "GOLD MEMBER" of the clan! LOL...we went bowling that night and of course, I WON! I don't know if they were being generous and let me win because it was my birthday, but I just like to leave it at how perfectly good I am at bowling with a pregnant belly! :) Thanks for the birthday fun, ladies! I had an awesome time! BEST.GIRLFRIENDS.EVER.

27 Weeks!

We don't have much time before baby comes...and at 27 weeks with 13 weeks left of the pregnancy you'd think thats more than enough time...well its not! With a growing belly, it seems like everthing I do gets harder. We've been taking a little time every saturday morning to pack a few boxes. For those who don't know yet, we are moving back to Prosper! So before all the craziness begins, Daniel and I decided to go on a staycation to Fort Worth for the weekend. Even though it's not the babymoon we imagined, it was just enough for the both of us to be away for a few days...We played, ate and went site seeing the entire time...but we mostly ATE! haha! We stayed in Downtown Fort Worth, went to the Forth Worth Botanical Gardens, ate AWESOME food everywhere we went, and went to the Fort Worth Zoo. The pics from the Zoo are some are my favorites from our visit...My most favorite, the momma elephant and her youngins! Just a warning--- picture overload from our fab weekend stay/getaway! ENJOY! Thanks babe!