Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let me hear you say "Monica beat Daniel in Canasta!!" ;D

Daniel and I spent Christmas in Texas this year. It was the best Christmas I've had for as long as I could remember! I felt like a little girl again on Christmas morning waiting for Santa Claus! To our surprise, it snowed Christmas eve and Christmas day...WHITE CHRISTMAS IN TEXAS? i guess i really am good luck... ;) We spent our first week shopping like crazy!! I think I satisfied my need to shop...for the time being that is.... :) The next few days consisted of eating yummy food, swimming, playing games, games, and more games! to all of you out there, you don't understand the meaning of competitiveness until you are playing with the PLATTS!! but let me tell ya, monica brought her game face! yup beat daniel in EVERYTHING..hah! I've posted most of our pictures on facebook, but i would like to just add a little something to the blogger! here are some of our family photos that were taken when we were there! Thanks Mama and Papa Platt for a wonderful Christmas! we <3 you! Enjoy!