Thursday, February 27, 2014

Little bump on the road before baby

With my medical history of heart problems, we had to take all the precautions. At the beginning of 2013, we had the serious "baby talk". Husband thought it was best for me get the old ticker checked before we went further with any decisions.
Because I wanted to get the ball rolling, I did what I agreed to. Met with the cardiologist and he said things looked great, and gave me the go to get pregnant! He also wanted me to get a second opinion from a congenital cardiologist who specializes in caring for adults who were born with heart I went with it.
It was probably somewhere between March/April before I was able to get in with the congenital cardiologist. At this point, the ball is barely moving. I tried to convince the hubs that things were fine, but he insisted to be absolutely positive. 
Doctors appointment finally arrived and I was there for 5 hours! Of course I didn't think anything was wrong. A normal check up appt for me normally took 2-2 1/2 hours. This one just required a lot of waiting. After running the normal tests I typically did, doctor came back in to give me the test results...
I was not ready for what was to come. She said that I was not getting enough oxygen throughout my body and that the leakage I had in my heart that was fully repaired 15 years ago, had more leakage to it. 
....Then it clicked... 
Everything came together. Even though I was living fit for the last few years weight lifting and daily cardio, I was experiencing fatigue everyday. Anyway, long story short...the decision was made to go through with the surgery. This time, it was different. The only way to repair the heart valve EVER in history was through open heart surgery. Doctors told me that  it was a great thing I was active and worked out normally. With today's technology, I was able to replace the valve through catheter. Even though this procedure is fairly new (only 3 years practiced in the US), we thought that we'd give it a try. Surgery scheduled for July. Things were moving so fast I couldn't even process it all. Not every person can qualify for the surgery. When do you know you are qualified for the surgery, you might ask?...when you're PASSED OUT on the surgical table! They have this special equipment that will determine how much room you have between the two arteries in your heart. Of course I had to make the call and sign a booklet of papers to ok the procedure if things looked well. This was the first time I would go under without having both my mom and dad there. 
Although they couldn't be here in Texas, I had the hubbs and my mother in law by my side. Surgery went well and they were able to do it ALL. I was discharged from the hospital the next day (the upside to having this procedure done). Upon the discharge, the surgeon and cardiologist gave me the green light to start the baby making sesh after 4 weeks...
Too soon, don't you think?
Well, we decided to do a little more waiting. We didn't know how long we'd wait, but now that we have passed the little/big bump on the road, we knew the biggest and hardest thing was out of the way. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wait...did I forget something?

Did I forget to mention...?

YUP! And she couldn't be more excited! 

Baby Platt at 9 weeks 5 days! (1/24/14)


I know, I KNOW! I have not been very good at blogging. Every time I attempt to commit to add something new to my blog, I don't normally follow through. I blame it on the demands of everyday life...a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! But this time, I'm going to try my best to let you in my amazing-wonderful life! :) I guess I should update you on what's been going on since my last post...which was our little Puppy's first birthday! Even though she may be full of energy and sometimes TOO snuggly, I can't but help enjoy her company when I'm suffering from a hard days work...who doesn't enjoy a little puppy love, right? Plus, she's great with little kids so I know we trained her well :)

For Thanksgiving 2013, Daniel and I had the opportunity to visit/stay my sister in Richmond, Tx for the weekend (Houston area). Of course she made me do all the cooking, as always...But I don't mind it because I love spending time with her and her family! Great food, great company! We especially LOVED spending time with our three little rugrats (left to right) Taylor, Emma, and Jacob! It was a long weekend, but not long enough...wish my sister lived closer!

For Christmas 2013, we went to sunny California with the Platt family! We spent most of our time in Newport Beach and LOVED the warm weather. Nothing beats Christmas in California! Even though we were only 5 hours away from my parents who lived in the Northern part, we didn't get the chance to drive up because we basically had almost every day planned. That's ok, hubby promised to take me on a little vacation sometime next year (which is now this year)...Ok, back to California...A California trip isn't complete without a trip to Disneyland! THE happiest place on earth! Felt like a little kid again. WELP, that pretty much summed it all up...not really, I'm just pretty tired...ha! Night world! Will post more pics later!